The computerized Functional Color Fields Tester (FCFTester) allows a quick, efficient and reliable measurement of the Visual Form Field, the Visual Color Fields (red, blue, green) and the Blind Spot.
The software is accompanied by a removable hardware top-piece, and is easily installed and calibrated on any computer monitor.
Execution of a test can be personalized through a set of parameters such as screen contrast, color brightness, size and speed of moving dots, meridians to be used for measurement, etc. Settings can be saved for repeated use.
The patient is instructed to look constantly at a central stimulus while randomly colored dots appear on the screen, moving along the meridians from the outside to the screen center at an estabished constant speed.
Fields can be measured in an assisted or in a standalone mode.
At color perception of the dot the patient calls out the perceipted color and, in Assisted mode, the assistant "accepts" correct perceptions or ignores erroneous ones. In Standalone mode the patient himself hits the ‘color keys’ or the mouse buttons at color perception and the software establishes the correctness of each perception.
In all cases, erroneous (and thus ignored) perceptions will be repeated later on during the test.
Erroneous measurements can be deleted and will automatically be measured again when resuming the test. All measured fields can be stored and compared to former measurements, superimposing the measured fields to visualise treatment progress in vision therapy, light therapy and syntonic therapy.
Different layouts are available for a printout of the measured fields.
A help function is included and a FCFTester support website is available for registered users.
Hardware and software requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11.
The FCFTester can be used on any monitor from 15” and bigger, however an adjustable 17” or 19" monitor is preferable. A minimum screen resolution of 768x1024 pixel is required but a higher resolution is recommended (a higher resolution means a bigger test screen extension).

made by Bernell Corporation

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made by Dr. Steven J Curtis, O.D., FCOVD, FNORA