FCFTester provides a simple and efficient way to measure the Visual Form Field, the Visual Color Fields and the Blind spot, using a normal personal computer.
Tests can be performed by the patient himself or can be assisted by a therapist. Instructions will guide you through the test phases.
Several options are available in order to meet your specific needs. Specific settings and options can be saved and will be accessible for retesting.
Test results are visualised on the screen and can be saved on the local hard disc. More test results can be visualised at the same time for comparing subsequent measurements. Test results can be printed with different layouts.
Latest 3.5 version now available.
See the Release notes on the Updates page of this site.
See a review of some interesting FCFTester features made by Dr. Steven J Curtis, O.D., FCOVD, FNORA from Riverview Eye Associates, Columbus (OH), using the FCFTester for almost ten years now.