Why use computerized functional visual field testing?
  The use of a computer in measuring functional visual fields provides you with different advantages:
  • precision:
  • the speed of the coloured dots will always be exactly the same and the exact point of perception will be recorded by the software; subsequent tests will be performed with exactly the same parameters because all settings will be recorded along with test results. The saved settings will automatically be used for all subsequent measurements made on the same client
  • speed:
  • measurements can be performed by the client himself, the software will guide him through the test procedure. In the assisted mode as well, time will be saved, because of the elimination of manually moved coloured dots and because of the manual charting becoming superfluous. Test results will be archived automatically without the need to manage paper sheets
  • interpretation:
  • test results can be visualised on the monitor or in printouts in different ways and with different scales; Maesurements obtained during different tests can be superposed on the same graph, making the comparison of test results simple and efficient
Why the calibration of the screen is needed?
  Monitors of different manufacturers or simply different models of monitors have different physical characteristics, e.g. the pixel (dot) dimension. The distance between the circles visible on the test screen will change with the pixel dimension. Its is therefore important to verify that those distances match exactly the standard values. This is what you are doing calibrating the screen.
Can I use my FCFTester on more than one computer?
  The standard license agreement allows the installation and use of the FCFTester for one computer solely. The software can be copied to an other computer and can be used maximum 10 times as trial. For normal use it has to be registred on the FCFTester website. Registration of the same FCFTester copy (with the same serial number) on different computers is not allowed and in that case you will not get the Code necessary for Registration.
Can I change my personal data (the information appearing on the FCFTester screen) after then registration of the FCFTester software?
  Unfortunately this is not possible. While registering, type in the correct information carefully.